The 2018 Eye on Privacy Report

An analysis of employees' privacy awareness, based on real world scenarios.

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The 2018 Eye on Privacy Report is the first of its kind.

Focused solely on privacy awareness and how employees handle sensitive data, the Eye on Privacy Report analyzes how more than 1000 U.S. employees told us they would respond to sensitive data in real world scenarios. Some results include: 

  • 8% said they weren't sure about reporting a cybercriminal stealing the sensitive information of clients
  • Employees in the finance industry were nearly 20% less likely to label tax documents as the most sensitive type of information
  • Millennials were just as hesitant to share sensitive information online as older peers
  • Technology sector employees were the most familiar with the GDPR, which went into effect in May 2018

eye on privacy report preview2-opt.pngThis report shows data by industry, age, and more to present a fuller picture of the average employee's privacy awareness.

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MediaPRO is dedicated to continuing original research around employees' security and privacy awareness. We believe that through a holistic, programmatic approach to training, employees' awareness can be improved to better protect your organization and the data you collect.