Industry Insights: An Executive Summary on the State of Security and Privacy Awareness in Government

This white paper digs into the cybersecurity and privacy know-how of employees at U.S. government organizations.

Nothing's more important that protecting the data of American citizens....right?

This white paper reveals an uncomfortable truth: basic cybersecurity and privacy awareness knowledge are significantly lacking at U.S. government organizations. And, these agencies are lagging far behind their private-industry counterparts.

Dig into data gleaned from employees of U.S. government organizations who took the 2017 State of Security and Privacy Awareness survey in this executive summary. In it, you'll find:

  • The riskiest demographics at government organzations (hint: it's not your seasonal employees)
  • Which situations are most likely to trip up employees
  • How well government employees can identify personal information, phishing emails, and more
  • How knowledgeable government employees are at using new technology appropriately, such as cloud computing and social media

The data isn't pretty, but it's an important part of identifying the biggest data protection risks found within government organizations like yours.

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