[White Paper] To Buy or Build Awareness Training

Four things to consider to answer the question: What does it take to change risky employee behavior?

The supposed allures of building your own employee awareness training may seem many. However, a deeper look into the needs of such an effort might make you think twice. Buy vs. Build White Paper

In this new white paper from MediaPRO, we cover four things to consider when weighing the argument of buying vs. building your employee awareness training.

This white paper is for you, if you find yourself asking:

  • Who will create the training?
  • What will the content be and how will it be updated?
  • How will the training be delivered to employees?

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With the all-in-one capabilities of LearningLAB, those tasked with managing employee awareness can save time with the ability to spin up a fully-formed awareness program with just a few clicks. Please contact us with any questions and to learn more.