Incident Reporting & Using Data Toolkit

Use these resources to educate employees & learn how to use the data you already collect to improve your program.

Don't just protect data - collect it and use it. 

Whether founder or first-day employee, everyone at your organisation should be reporting suspicious emails, accidental spam link clicks, and lost data. Incident reports act as an EKG – they immediately reflect spikes in the frequency or types of cyberattacks your organization is facing

Ask attendees of last year's RSA conference, where behavioral analytics were all the rage, and they'll confirm. Luckily, you don't need fancy or expensive UBA software to make your organization more secure. Use the data you already collect to create a better informed (and more effective) awareness program, and address the root of most breaches: the human element.

Our Incident Reporting & Using Data Toolkit includes resources for employee education:

  • MediaPRO's Incident Reporting animation (preview)
  • MediaPRO's Software Updates animation (preview)
  • STC's Software Up To Date poster
And two new helpful resources for your professional journey:
  • Our Use Existing Data and UBA to Improve Your Awareness Program video
  • Our popular Using Data to Inform Your Awareness Program white paper

What Is This? This toolkit features resources from MediaPRO and STOP. THINK. CONNECT.(STC), the masterminds behind the Dept. of Homeland Security’s global online safety awareness campaign and National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) every October.

To find info about MediaPRO's award-winning SaaS solution, the Adaptive Awareness Portal, and to see pricing or schedule a demo of our services, please visit us online.

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