Webinar: Keeping Users off the Spear Phishing Hook

Bolster end-user security awareness to reduce your exposure to spear phishing!

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Keeping Users off the Spear Phishing Hook

Webinar Description:
More than ever, IT security teams are running simulated phishing campaigns and deploying end-user security awareness training to reduce their exposure to phishing threats. 
Despite this, phishing emails were still the primary suspect in more than 90% of security breaches involving social engineering in 2016.

Why? Look no further than the rise of highly personalized and targeted spear-phishing emails that are slipping past firewalls and fooling even the most risk-aware of employees.

Watch this webinar for actionable insights in combating this pervasive cyber threat.

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Who should watch?

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), IT leaders, anyone with a stake in developing effective anti-phishing and security awareness, and anyone interested in learning more about combating spear-phishing at the end-user level.

What's on the agenda?

  • How and why spear-phishing attacks are exploiting human vulnerabilities
  • How to run best practice simulated spear phishing campaigns as part of a security awareness program that reduces risk
  • How to best leverage available anti-phishing tools to reduce your exposure to spear-phishing threats

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