Webinar: Planning for Awareness Success

Watch this webinar to see our new Adaptive Awareness Planning Tool and hear how the world's most risk-aware organizations plan for awareness success.

Watch this in-depth webinar on demand about creating a strategic plan for your awareness program this year.

In the last year, everybody started to recognize the importance of security and privacy awareness. More and more organizations started tackling the work of educating employees about data protection—and they realized that there’s a lot to it!

While changing employee behavior may sound complicated, it doesn’t have to be … if you have a plan. A good plan uses best practices around behavior change, is anchored in industry standards like the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and creates a clear roadmap that can be shared with stakeholders. MediaPro has been working with companies to plan and deliver awareness programs for 20 years, and is soon to release its new Adaptive Awareness Planning Tool, which puts the power of planning in your hands.

In this webinar, MediaPro's Chief Strategist Tom Pendergast and Senior Technical Product Manager Dave Hill identify:

  • the key components in any good awareness plan
  • how you can quickly and painlessly implement such a plan
  • how adding analytical measures and increasing the relevance and frequency of communications can take your awareness program to the next level

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