Behavioral Analytics: The Future of Awareness Training

Watch this webinar on-demand.

Make employees an asset in your cybersecurity strategy. Combine behavioral analytics with modern insider threat management solutions to create targeted security awareness training. 

Watch this webinar to learn what user behavior analytics could mean for just-in-time security awareness training.

Nearly all security incidents start with people, meaning addressing risky employee behaviors is one of the major problems facing security professionals today.

Combining behavioral analytics—the analysis and detection of anomalous user actions— with security awareness education provides the ability to rapidly identify and mitigate bad employee behaviors through just-in-time training. Through tailored training, based on a user’s specific weaknesses, organizations can more comprehensively deter insider threats and reinforce appropriate behavior.

Watch our webinar on-demand with behavioral analytics leader ObserveIT’s Gabriel Friedlander and MediaPro's Chief Strategist Tom Pendergast to learn what the marriage of behavioral analytics and awareness training means for the future of cybersecurity management. We will discuss:

  • Improving employee behaviors over time and fostering a security-aware corporate culture
  • How Just-in-Time Training can deter users from engaging in risky behavior
  • Ensuring that employees with risky behaviors get educated, as needed

The ability to “inject” real-time training into your awareness training is a much-needed next step towards a new generation of information security protection.

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