What's in the 2018 NCSAM toolkits?

Empower your employees and take your security awareness program to the next level with these FREE resources.
NCSAM resources like no one else's.
We go a little overboard with our love of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. There's no shame in that - and it's why we're dedicated to providing everything you need for a successful NCSAM for the third year in a row.

Exclusive content. Original research. Professional resources. And so much more.

A full breakdown of each toolkit can be found below.

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Week 1: Make Your Home a Haven for Online Safety

Cyberthreats aren't limited to businesses; they're every person's problem. Individuals and families can easily increase their awareness of common cyberthreats with our Make Your Home a Haven toolkit, which includes:

  • Access to the all-new Cyber Falls microsite: this interactive digital city teaches cybersecurity basics to users of all ages. Send it to your employees, your kids, and your grandma - there's something here for everybody!
  • 4 animations from MediaPRO: The Internet of Things, Password Protection, Public Wi-fi Safety, and our 'Tis the Season....For Phishing! animation on common holiday-themed phishing attacks.
  • Our popular How to Spot a Phishy Email infographic 
  • Online Cybersecurity Advice for All Digital Citizens tip sheet from STOP. THINK. CONNECT. (STC)

Week 2: Millions of Rewarding Jobs: Educating for a Career in Cybersecurity

How does one become a cybersecurity professional with today's rapidly-shifting threat landscape? What can you do to ensure professional success after landing that coveted position?

Our Careers in Cybersecurity toolkit includes:

  • Interviews with:
    • GM's Global HR Data Protection Manager, Kim Bubnes
    • State of Oregon's Enterprise Security Awareness and Training Coordinator, Jake Wilson
  • A Year in The Life of a Security Awareness Program Manager on-demand webinar
  • MediaPRO's A Roadmap for Planning Your Awareness Program white paper
  • Our most popular eBook: How the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Improves Security Awareness

Week 3: It's Everyone's Job to Ensure Online Safety at Work

What do all businesses have in common? Employees, and risk. Our Keeping Security Awareness Top-of-Mind toolkit's resources help you assess employees' data protection know-how and remind them of their important role in keeping information secure.

This toolkit includes:

  • Ground-breaking annual research: The 2018 State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report and infographic
  • 4 never-before-released posters covering cybersecurity basics that can be displayed around your workplace or digitally distributed to your employees
  • 3 cybersecurity tip sheets from STOP. THINK. CONNECT.
  • MediaPRO's Employee Cybersecurity Pledge

Week 4: Safeguarding the Nation's Critical Infrastructure

Cybersecurity has become today's hot topic in politics as citizens of all cyber skill-levels realize that cybersecurity means national securityWith renewed attention to this important topic, our Safeguarding Our Critical Infrastructure toolkit includes:

  • New National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) guide created in conjunction with Facebook and MediaPRO: The Cybersecurity Awareness Toolkit for mid- and small-sized businesses
  • Original research: An Executive Summary on the State of Privacy and Security Awareness In Government white paper
  • Industry Insights: Government's State of Privacy and Security Awareness infographic
  • Bots & Botnet Facts tip sheet from STOP. THINK. CONNECT.

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