Keeping Safe from Cybercrime Toolkit

What's the quickest way to improve security? Better awareness of top threats.

Cybercrime: new methods and tactics evolve almost as frequently as new apps and mobile devices hit the market. And cybercriminals know how to get in: the human.

In 2016, 1 in 14 users clicked on a phishing email. What's more, cybercriminals are augmenting the wide-net casting technique with more sophisticated, personalized, and dangerous spear phishing attacks. And with 1 in 131 emails containing malware, it is a recipe for disaster if someone falls victim to these new, clever methods.

Reinforce you and your employees' awareness of these top threats and learn some tips for keeping your workforce informed on these threats with our Keeping Safe from Cybercrime toolkit, which includes:

  • MediaPro's Ransomware animation
  • MediaPro's newly released Spear Phishing animation
  • Two STC resources on cybercrime and ransomware
  • MediaPro's How to Spot a Phishy Email infographic  great for sharing!
  • MediaPro's most recent on-demand webinar: Keeping Users Off the Spear Phishing Hook

What is this? This toolkit features resources from MediaPro and STOP. THINK. CONNECT.(STC), the masterminds behind the Dept. of Homeland Security’s global online safety awareness campaign and National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM).

Each of our five NCSAM toolkits align with the NCSAM weekly themes and include an assortment of employee-facing educational resources and security program management content to help you create a risk-aware workforce. Opt-in here to get all five toolkits.

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