Get 5 NCSAM-themed toolkits each week in October!

During the month of October, we'll send you a bundle of security awareness resources aligned with National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) weekly themes.

Everything you need to make your 2017 NCSAM a success.

Last October, we put together five resource-packed toolkits to help improve security awareness at organizations everywhere during NCSAM. This October, we are back and have even more security perks to share!

Each week in October, we'll send you a toolkit filled with award-winning security awareness resources from MediaPro and Stop. Think. Connect. (STC), the masterminds behind NCSAM. 

Each toolkit aligns with the NCSAM weekly themes and includes an assortment of employee-facing educational resources and security program management content to help you create a risk-aware workforce. You'll receive:

  • 7 animations for security awareness and employee education
  • 4 on-demand webinars on security awareness and training best practices
  • 2 infographics based on MediaPro insights
  • 7 white papers & eBooks on improving your awareness program and getting the most out of employee training
  • A collection of STC tip sheets and posters on security awareness best practices

With animations, white papers, posters, and more from two of the top advocates for security awareness, there's no doubt that we’ve got you covered this October.

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