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Week 1: STOP. THINK. CONNECT.TM: Simple Steps to Online Safety

Ransomware, social engineering, spear phishing. These notorious security terrors continue to top the charts as the most serious cyberthreats out there in the digital world. Reinforce you and your employees' awareness of these top threats and learn some tips for keeping your workforce informed on these threats with our Keeping Safe from Cybercrime toolkit, which includes:

  • MediaPro's Ransomware animation
  • MediaPro's newly released Spear Phishing animation
  • Two STC resources on cybercrime and ransomware
  • MediaPro's How to Spot a Phishy Email infographic  great for sharing!
  • MediaPro's most recent on-demand webinar: Keeping Users Off the Spear Phishing Hook

Week 2: Cybersecurity in the Workplace is Everyone's Business

Every employee has a role to play in their organization's cybersecurity posture. That's why planning and deploying a successful security awareness program that leads to real behavior change is so important. We are definite advocates for a great plan, so our Planning for a Security-Aware Workforce toolkit includes:

  • MediaPro and ISACA's joint on-demand webinar Aligning Awareness to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • A Roadmap for Planning Your Awareness Program white paper
  • MediaPro's most popular eBook: How the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Improves Security Awareness
  • MediaPro's Planning for Awareness Success on-demand webinar

Week 3: Today's Predictions for Tomorrow's Internet

Peeking into the cybersecurity crystal ball, there's no doubt that digital interconnectivity will rule all. Our Security Awareness for Tomorrow's Employee toolkit highlights the importance of using these new technologies safely and securely and provides tips for forward-thinking security training strategies. This toolkit includes:

  • MediaPro's Internet of Things and Public Wi-Fi animations
  • STC's tip sheet on safely using mobile devices 
  • STC's poster on using public Wi-Fi
  • MediaPro's on-demand webinar: Effective Security Awareness Training for Millennials
  • Microlearning: 4 Signposts to Guide Your Corporate Learning Strategy white paper

Week 4: The Internet Wants You: Consider a Career in Cybersecurity

Not everyone has to be a cybersecurity expert, but everyone does have to understand and employ basic security best practices. After all, all it takes is one misstep to compromise your entire organization! Our Security is Everyone's Responsibility toolkit includes resources for upping your security awareness game and keeping your employees abreast on some of the most pertinent cybersecurity topics today. The toolkit features:

  • MediaPro's Incident Reporting and Password Protection animations
  • MediaPro's 3 Reasons Why You Need Role-Based Training white paper
  • STC’s poster and tip sheet on password best practices
  • MediaPro's 5 Training Tactics for Achieving Behavior Change white paper
  • MediaPro's Software Updates animation  recently updated for the WannaCry ransomware attack!

Week 5: Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Threats

Our final offering, the Increasing Resilience in Your Security Awareness Program toolkit, highlights our second annual State of Privacy and Security Awareness research, focuses on assessing your awareness program maturity, and provides resources for improving your program's overall effectiveness. It features:

  • The 2017 State of Security & Privacy Awareness infographic
  • Access to our anonymous Awareness Program Maturity Assessment
  • Our Best Practices Guide for Comprehensive Employee Awareness Programs white paper
  • MediaPro's newly-released 2017 State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report 

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