MediaPRO's SMB Awareness Toolkit

Available to you via our partnership with the NCSA.

Cybercriminals are increasingly setting their sights on SMBs. NCSA_Logo.jpg

Trying to manage cybersecurity as an SMB is tough. Often you're asked to wear too CyberSecure_My_Business_Logo.pngmany hats in one position, and knowing what to prioritize within your workload can be difficult.

MediaPRO is here to make at least one thing easier: we'll help make your organization more secure by providing the resources you need to educate employees about security awareness best practices, and resources to help you make the business case to your C-suite about a more robust awareness program.

This toolkit includes our:

  • Award-winning Phishing in 5 Minutes or Less mini-course for employees
  • Another Phishy Email educational animation and How to Spot a Phishy Email infographic
  • eBook: How the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Improves Security Awareness
  • Resource for security professionals tackling the GDPR: The GDPR Cybersecurity Cheat Sheet
  • eBook: A Best Practices Guide for Comprehensive Employee Awareness Programs

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