On-Demand Webinar: How to Talk to Your C-Suite About the GDPR

Learn how to tackle the people, policies, process, and technology changes needed to ensure GDPR success.
The deadline for GDPR compliance is fast approaching... Do you need some talking points to get the ball rolling with your executives?
opt-no cta or time - HowtoTalktoYourC-SuiteAboutGDPR_600x200.pngThe biggest change in data protection regulation history was bound to stir up questions across the globe as to what's needed to be compliant with the new regulation. Join privacy consultant Richard Purcell as he discusses the people, policies, process, and technology changes every organization that handles EU customer data needs to make to ensure GDPR success. 

The clock is ticking! Watch this webinar now and start the conversation with your C-Suite before it's too late.

Who should watch?

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), IT leaders, anyone tasked with implementing the requirements set forth by the GDPR, and anyone interested in learning more about information privacy and data protection.

Where can I learn more about MediaPRO's GDPR awareness training solutions?

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