Expert Insights on Vendor Selection & GDPR Compliance

This interview with seasoned privacy professionals outlines how the GDPR changes vendor relationships. Plus, how to select vendors that can assist with GDPR compliance.

Ken Drake, Senior Director of Business Intelligence at Blizzard Entertainment and Adam Hoey, founder of security and privacy innovation firm Potentia Concepts, were tasked with handling GDPR readiness at their respective organizations.

Independently, they realized that third-party vendors played a major part in GDPR compliance: vendors who are experts in what's addressed within the GDPR could have a hand in helping them become GDPR compliant. But, these same vendors could also potentially undermine compliance by not being GDPR ready themselves.

"You need to really understand who your third-party partners are and what it is they’re doing with this data. It's critically important," says Adam Hoey. Ken Drake agrees, adding, "You're going to have to change how your company deals with data protection-by-design."

In this exclusive white paper from MediaPRO, Ken and Adam answer:

  • When to outsource a GDPR compliance task
  • How to find vendors to help satisfy GDPR requirements
  • What key questions to ask potential vendors
  • What vendor relationships look like under the GDPR

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