Cybercrime & Real Behavior Change Toolkit

Educate employees about cyberattacks & learn why phishing sims alone aren't enough to change behavior
Ransomware, phishing, malware - oh my!
“Cybercrime is on the rise” sounds like the plot of a new Liam Neeson flick, but it’s the unfortunate reality organizations face every day. 

Educate employees on best practices for thwarting cyberattacks with our Cybercrime & Real Behavior Change Toolkit, which includes educational resources for your employees:

  • MediaPRO's Phishing in 5 Minutes or Less mini-course
  • MediaPRO's Another Phishy Email (preview) and Ransomware (preview) animations
  • STC's Ransomware Facts & Tips tip sheet
  • STC's I Do My Part To Fight Cybercrime poster
And professional resources designed to bring your awareness program to the next level:

  • MediaPRO's Drowning in Phishing guide
  • MediaPRO's 5 Training Tactics for Achieving Behavior Change white paper

What Is This? This toolkit features resources from MediaPRO and STOP. THINK. CONNECT. (STC), the masterminds behind the Dept. of Homeland Security’s global online safety awareness campaign and National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) every October.

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