The 2016 State of Privacy & Security Awareness: Executive Summary

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Download the executive summary of our 2016 State of Privacy & Security Awareness Report. In it, we summarize key findings from our Privacy & Security Awareness IQ Survey, and provides key takeaways for each of the eight risk areas analyzed in the survey.

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  • 2016 State of Privacy & Security Awareness Webinar On Demand

    Watch our webinar on demand that digs deeper into our 2016 State of Privacy & Security Awareness Report. We break down our identified key risk areas, our three risk profiles, and industry outliers.

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  • Infographic: Privacy & Security Awareness IQ Results

    See our infographic summarizing >1000 responses from employees around the globe who took our Privacy & Security Awareness IQ Survey.

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  •  About MediaPro's Privacy & Security Awareness Survey

    Benchmark your security and privacy awareness IQ in 8 key risk areas including: incident reporting, working remotely, cloud computing, social media, identifying personal information, recognizing phishing attempts, and physical security. Your results are anonymous; personal information entered into the form is not connected to your results.

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