Webinar: A Year in The Life of A Security Awareness Program Manager

Want to learn how to drive a comprehensive security awareness program? This webinar will take you on a journey of awareness program development and deployment seen through the eyes of an awareness program manager.

Year in The Life of A Security Awareness Program Manager

Webinar Description:
Here's the situation: Your organization decides that it’s (finally!) time to get serious about security awareness. As the CISO of your company, you’re called in to present a plan to the management team about how you’ll get the job done. Starting today, the clock is running!

So where do you start?

We know how daunting it must seem to start a comprehensive security awareness program from scratch. That's why we want to help your organization become a security awareness success story and make you look good by taking you through A Year in The Life of A Security Awareness Program Manager.

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Who should watch?

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), IT leaders, anyone with tasked with developing, deploying, and maintaining an effective security awareness program.

What's on the agenda?

  • Our recommendations for creating and implementing a year-long security awareness program, based loosely on our Adaptive Awareness Framework
  • Tips and tricks from our Chief Strategist, Dr. Tom Pendergast, based on his extensive career in security awareness
  • Insight into how we've seen other companies succeed in launching and supporting their own security awareness programs

Where can I learn more about MediaPRO's Adaptive Awareness Framework?

Learn more by going to this page, downloading our comprehensive eBook, or using this form to contact us directly!