Welcome to Your Data Privacy Toolkit!

We want to provide you with some resources to assist your privacy initiatives 

We've built this Breached Not Beaten toolkit to promote data privacy. We’ve built this toolkit to make it easy for you to share easily-consumable bits of information concerning data privacy best practices and the value everyone should place on their personal data. 

Although Data Privacy Day is just one day, consider every day the right day to protect information in your organization. For businesses and consumers alike, building awareness around best practices is a critical component of ensuring data stays safe and user privacy stays protected.

 What You Get

Alongside a “Getting Started” mini-guide, you’ll find the following resources in the toolkit:

  • 4 posters in PDF and PNG formats promoting a variety of data privacy concepts     
  • An infographic (3 Common PII Phishing Tactics to Look Out For)                 
  • A brief video (Breached, Not Beaten) explaining the importance of securing data
  • Sample emails for sharing the resources listed above

Note that none of these resources are specific to Data Privacy Day, so they could also be shared as part of any existing privacy awareness initiative you have in place.