MediaPRO's California Regulation TrainingPack, Featuring Training on the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Get a head start on training for emerging California regulations

Check out an interactive preview of training included in our new California Regulation TrainingPack for a limited time by filling out the form.

The CCPA gives California residents a variety of rights when it comes to their personal data—rights your employees will need to be aware of to stay compliant with the law. MediaPRO’s CCPA training was created to inform your employees of the data rights and responsibilities under the CCPA to ensure your clients’ data is treated with the same level of care you show for your own personal information. Learn more about our CCPA training.

What You Get
Browser-based access to the opening segment of our CCPA training, which teaches employees:
  • How personal information is collected and used for business purposes throughout modern life
  • The risk this data collection and use carries for individuals
Follow the training’s on-screen instructions to interact with the educational activity, which illustrates how a variety of types of data move through the “Personal Data Machine.”

The California Regulation TrainingPack includes courses dedicated to the CCPA and the state’s sexual harassment training requirements, plus a variety of courses on general security and privacy awareness best practices. Additional content includes a collection of topic-specific videos, posters, and articles to support the core training material.