How To Protect Your Organization Against Security Threats and Human Risk Factors

An Employee Security Awareness Program Buyer's Guide

Are you in charge of developing your company's new employee awareness initiative, or do you need to enhance your existing program to better address the human-factor risks that your employees pose?

Our free Buyer's Guide was created to help expertly guide you in your journey to implement or upgrade your security awareness program.

Why do you need this guide?
Our Employee Security Awareness Program Buyer's Guide analyzes the market trends, features, functions, and best practices for employee security awareness programs, with recommended steps and criteria for choosing the components of an employee security awareness program. There is no other comprehensive guide like this out there!

Who is this guide created for?
The Buyer's Guide is primarily aimed at organization stakeholders, including: security and privacy administrators and practitioners, executives in key management roles, such as CSO, CISO and CIO, and members of the Board of Directors.