New Research: 8 Ways Your Employees Are Putting You at Risk

Watch this on-demand webinar led by MediaPRO's Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Tom Pendergast, for a deep dive into our third-annual State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report. Learn more about the eight threat vectors where many employees struggle with good cybersecurity and data privacy behaviors.

Sneak Peek

Employees in the finance sector performed the worst, compared to all other industries surveyed.

Managers and executives showed riskier behaviors than lower-level employees, across all eight threat vectors.

Nearly twice as many employees struggled with identifying phishing email attempts, compared to last year.

Insight and Advice You Won't Get Anywhere Else

Tom-P-Headshot.pngIn an exclusive deep dive into our 2018 State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report, Dr. Tom Pendergast, MediaPRO's Chief Learning Officer, will share our research, key tips and actionable insights to translate report findings into an effective strategy for your security and/or privacy awareness program.

As the Chief Learning Officer and with 11 years at MediaPRO, Tom leads the Learning Services team, who develop engaging learning experiences to help clients manage their human risks.
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