2018 State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report

Explore the current state of employee knowledge in cybersecurity and data privacy, and key industry insights to reduce the human risk within your organization.

What's Inside

A year-over-year comparison of the cybersecurity and data privacy know-how of U.S. employees.

Key insights on employee knowledge in eight common threat vectors, including identifying phishing emails and the warning signs of malware.

Exclusive tips for both awareness program managers and employees from the security awareness experts at MediaPRO.

Why It Matters

No matter the company size or industry sector, cybercrime and threats to sensitive data can impact anyone. The common thread among the threat vectors analyzed in this report, and others encountered in the real world, is the vital role humans play in thwarting attacks across these areas. As a way to track how the public's knowledge of these attacks is changing over time, we introduced our State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report, featuring original, first-of-its-kind research on the public's privacy and security awareness IQ.

Watch the accompanying webinar here  New Research: 8 Ways Your Employees Are Putting You at Risk.

2018 Report Key Insights

75% of respondents struggled with identifying best practices related to correct behaviors in cybersecurity and data privacy.

18% of respondents elected to either open an unexpected attachment or click a link in a suspected phishing email to see where it goes.

Employees this year performed worse than in 2017 across all eight threat vectors surveyed.
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