2017 State of Privacy & Security Awareness
What's your Awareness IQ?

Just 30% of employees can call themselves an AWARENESS HERO, capable of defending their organization in 8 critical threat vectors that exploit human vulnerabilities. Find out if you're one of them!

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2017 State of Privacy & Security Awareness
Our first-ever State of Privacy and Security Awareness report last year found that 88% of respondents lacked the awareness to stop preventable cyber incidents related to eight common privacy and security threat vectors that exploit human vulnerabilities.

This year: only 70% of employees fell into same categories (ranked as either a "Risk" or "Novice" based on their quiz scores) in our 2017 survey, which also means just 30% of employees (ranked as a "Hero" based on their quiz scores) are truly prepared to defend their organizations against the threat scenarios that were presented. An improvement to be sure, but also a sign that more work needs to be done to promote security and privacy best practices.

Overall, behavioral improvements were seen in five out off eight surveyed threat vectors. This highlights the work being done in every industry at organizations of all sizes to mitigate risk arising from human behavior, but is also indicative of the gulf that exists between where organizations currently are, in terms of their cybersecurity preparedness, and where they need to be.

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The Privacy & Security Awareness Quiz
Find out if you're an AWARENESS HERO by testing your know-how across eight common privacy and security threat vectors.

You'll be presented with real-life scenarios inworking remotely, incident reporting, physical security, identifying personal information, cloud computing, acceptable use of social media, and identifying phishing attempts and malware warning signs.

Based on your responses, you'll be assigned to one of three different risk profiles - Risk, Novice, or Hero - which indicates your ability to deal with a variety of privacy and security threats, relative to the general population.

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